Future posts

10 04 2007

All future posts can be found at geekking.com.


Opinions needed

9 04 2007

This weekend, we moved all of kingbaby’s posts over to our shared blog, geekking.com.  So now we have the question of what to do with kingbaby.  The desire was to consolidate back over to one blog, so I will start posting over there.  If there is a strong desire for me to continue posting here, I could cross-post over here anything infertility/pregnancy after infertility related.  So now I’m trying to figure out if that is a strong desire.  Please leave comments any opinions you might have. 🙂 

12 weeks

3 04 2007

So I guess my due date is really October 17. Just based on my LMP. I’m not gonna get all upset over one day, so I’m cool with that. I ovulated a day earlier than “average.” Which is why I’ve been saying the 16th. But really, it’s not like babies come exactly on their due dates, so a day’s difference isn’t worth much to me. 🙂

So I had my appt. today at the OB. Things went well. At first the nurse had a hard time getting the heartbeat with the doppler. When she did get it, she only got it for a second and I didn’t hear. 😦 But it was in the normal rate. The nurse tried to find it for me again, but the baby was moving around too much! We had to wait a bit for the Dr. to come in because she was at a C-section. So the nurse snuck me down to the ultrasound room and we got a quick look so that I could see that everything was looking good and normal. I could see the heartbeat. Amazing how much the little one has grown in the past month! It had limbs that were moving! Simply amazing. Apparently the baby was moving quite a bit, which is why it was hard to find the heartbeat with the doppler.

The Dr. did come in, and I didn’t have to wait too long. Everything is progressing normally. Which is wonderful, of course! I go back again on May 1, at 16 weeks. I won’t get another ultrasound until 20 weeks. Today didn’t count, because it wasn’t official. So sorry no pics! But at 20 weeks I get to bring in a video tape! I’ll also find out if I am a good candidate for the 3d ultrasound. That depends on where the placenta is and if it will be in the way during a 3D one. So anyway, one more month for next appt, two months for the next ultrasound. Exciting times in the King household!

Things people say

29 03 2007

Heard this weekend, “Well you’re not fat!” in response to being told that I was pregnant.  Well, no, I wasn’t even 11 weeks yet so this is not a surprise, really. 

I’m sure I’ll hear many more interesting things in the next 6 months as well.


27 03 2007

So last week I was given some sea bands to try to for the morning sickness at night.  They did seem to help.  Maybe not cure it, but I think it did help.  Then Friday rolls around and I lost them!  I went to get them from my purse late in the afternoon, and they were gone!  I was sure that when I pulled my badge out of my purse on my way into the building at work that I probably pulled the bands out as well, and lost them in the parking lot.  So I mourned the loss this weekend, and was considering finding more. 

Amazingly, yesterday morning on my way into work, I took basically the same route from the parking lot to the building, and what do I see in the parking lot?  The two sea bands!  And, and, they’re still in good shape!  It was absolutely amazing that they stayed there over the weekend, and didn’t get pulverized by moving cars. 


26 03 2007

I’m quickly approaching 11 weeks.  Seems quite amazing sometimes.  I weighed myself this morning.  Total weight gain since the end of January:  -4.8 lbs.  Yep.  So far I’ve lost weight.  This is not unusual in the first trimester, so I’m not worried.  It’s amazing because I feel like I eat like a pig!  While I’ve been nauseas nearly every evening, I’ve only thrown up a few times (count is up to 3, 3 times in 11 weeks is not too bad).  I do snack all day though.  I eat often throughout the day.  And my pants are tighter, so something is growing. 😉  Though, I still can button my pants all the way up and not be uncomfortable.  I’m actually not complaining.  I’m trying to enjoy wearing my normal clothes while I can.  I figure that soon I’ll need the maternity clothes and will get sick of wearing the same thing over and over!

For the nausea, what works:  The sea bands seemed to help, but not totally cure it.  What really, really helps is half a dose of unisom.  This was recommended by my RE, but not my OB.  The obvious side effect to that though is drowsiness.   Since I get sick in the evening, this side effect is not too bad.  As long as I don’t try to watch tv in bed after taking it, I can stay awake.

Another Quick Update

20 03 2007

I’m now at 10 weeks.  Can’t believe it!  I’ve only thrown up twice, the second time being last night, unfortunately.  It’s weird that my sickness happens at night time, but at least I can usually make it through the day ok!  Hopefully soon all the sickness will be gone!

Otherwise, I’m still holding on.  Everything is still good.  I go to the OB for the first time on April 3, at which point, I’ll be 12 weeks.  Can’t believe it is so close to the end of the first trimester!